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    Announcement for the selection of a ERASMUS scholarship for a student enrolled at the University of Cairo to spend a 3 month internship at the University of Sassari, Italy.
    de Alessandra Paulotto - Monday, 25 de March de 2019, 11:02

    The student will be granted a scholarship to spend a 3 month internship at the University of Sassari, Italy. The scholarship is issued by the ILHAM-EC project within the ERASMUS+ Special Mobility Strand.  Interested students must submit their documents after reviewing the required documents and selection rules at the International Relations Office of the University of Cairo.

    Face book address: International Office, Facultuy of Agriculture, Cairo University

    Email: Ir-office@agr.cu.edu.eg

    Postal address: Gammaa st. Giza, Postal Code: 12613
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    The ILHAM-EC project at "UNIMED WEEK", Brussels, March 19th, 2019
    de Alessandra Paulotto - Tuesday, 19 de March de 2019, 13:38

    Prof. Luciano Gutierrez will present the ILHAM-EC project at the fourth edition of the UNIMED WEEK IN Brussels. The event seeks to propose a political reflection by the Euro-Mediterranean academic community on the relationships between European Institutions and the Mediterranean region, ...

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    Start of second semester
    de Alessandra Paulotto - Monday, 11 de February de 2019, 13:38

    On saturday, 9th February, the second semester has started at the Universities of Cairo and Alexandria. In this semester, teachers from the 4 Egyptian University will deliver lectures on Spectroscopy, Economics of Land Degradation, Biodiversity and Scientific writing. In addition, seminars in Sustainable Land Management will be carried out each Saturday.