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    Immagine Marco Di Donato
    A great day for ILHAM-EC: the new master presented at Alexandria University premises
    di Marco Di Donato - lunedì, 30 luglio 2018, 14:38

    At least 52 professors representing Alexandria University college's 19 departments attending the presentation of the new Master in Sustainable Land Management. The Master has been presented by Prof. Fawzy Kishk, Professor of Land Resource Management (Faculty of Agriculture) with the aim of ...

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    Immagine Alessandra Paulotto
    Ministerial Decree no. 856 concerning the Joint Master Degree in SLM
    di Alessandra Paulotto - lunedì, 19 marzo 2018, 11:41

    The procedure related to the accreditation of the Joint Master in Sustainable Land Management has been concluded. On March 12th, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the President of the Higher Council of Universities issued the Ministerial Decree no. 856 granting the scientific degree to the Joint Master in Sustainable Land Management using the European Credit system (ECTS).

    Immagine Alessandra Paulotto
    Third Steering Committee Meeting in Cairo on February 20th, 2018
    di Alessandra Paulotto - venerdì, 23 febbraio 2018, 12:41

    The Steering Committee will meet in Cairo to discuss issues related to the successful implementation of the project activities. In particular, the following items will be discussed: Interuniversity Master accreditation decree, equipment purchase, preparation of joint Master material, first project conference.