Topic outline

  • Activity from July to December

    Open days to present the coming Joint Master in SLM at Cairo University (4 and 7 )November  

    The Master on SLM has been advertised by Cairo University in the following 2 events: 1) 3rd green day on November 4th and 2) the celebrating Festival of Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University for being of the top 250 International Institutions in the Agriculture Sector on November 7th.

    ILHAM-EC project presented as Best practice during the UNIMED General Assembly in Paris (30 and 31 October 2017)

    During the UNIMED general assembly, the joint postgraduate master of the ILHAM-EC project was presented in the plenary session as one of the best Capacity Building projects considering the important result of its approval from the Suprem Council. 

    Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Government Representatives coming from more than 100 universities and countries of EU-MED zone attended the assembly. A representative from Cairo University was presented at the event. 

    Dr. Marco Di Donato presented ILHAM-EC results and future activities inviting the participants to take part in the forthcoming events. ILHAM-EC activities were also briefly presented by UNISS-NRD Prof. Luciano Gutierrez during the debate at the UNIMED Workshop on Food and Water. 

    Approval of the joint Master Degree in Sustainable Land Management from the Agricultural Education Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities (AESC-SCU) (28 October 2017)

    On October 28th, the Joint Master in SLM received the approval from the Agricultural Education Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities. This is an important step towards its final approval and its inclusion within the curriculum of the Universities of Cairo, Alexandria, Zagazig and Damanhour committed in implementing the Master jointly for the first time in Egypt.

    Open days to present the Master in SLM at Zagazig University (11 and 30 October)

    Two open information days to present the Interuniversity Master on Sustainable Land Management were held at Zagazig University on October 11th and 30th, 2017. The events were attended by a large number of graduate students, teachers, University staff, stakeholders from the labor market.