Weekly outline

  • General

  • Meet the Instructor and Overview of Teacher Training Materials for the ELD Training Module

    This set of materials includes:

    - a brief introduction from the instructor

    - an overview of the teacher training materials for the ELD training module (video and written summary)

    - two external video links and one embedded external video

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  • Introduction to valuation

    This set of resources includes:

    - A short introductory lecture on valuation and ecosystem services

    - A short external video on values

    - An exercise for you to do

    - A reading list with core and optional resources

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  • Economics of land degradation 6+1 step methodology

    This set of materials comprises:

     -A short film by the ELD Initiative on the value of soil

    - A video lecture introducing the ELD 6+1 step methodology

    - The ELD user guide

    - An exercise on the application of the 6+1 step methodology

    - A short external video introducing stakeholder engagement

    - An exercise on stakeholder identification relation to step 1 of the ELD methodology

    - Reading list

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  • Videoscribing

    Prof. Lindsay C. Stringer

    URLs: 3