Activity from July to December

Activity from July to December

Info-day at Alexandria University

On July 9th, 2018, fifty-two professors representing Faculty of Agriculture's 19 departments attended the presentation of the new Master in Sustainable Land Management. The Master has been presented by Prof. Fawzy Kishk, Professor of Land Resource Management (Soil and Water Sciences Department, Faculty of Agriculture) with the aim to inform and promote the new Master and seek potential students’ applications. The presentation lasted 30 minutes and was in Arabic Language. A lively discussion followed with colleagues and interested students. Leaflets describing the new SLM Master were distributed to all attendants.

ILHAM-EC Master promotion at Damanhour University

After Cairo University, Zagazig University and Alexandria University, also Damanhour University started its campaign for the promotion of the new ILHAM-EC master, which is going to be inaugurated next October. To have more comprehensive information about the Master structure, objectives and future implementation, please see the Master brochure at and the related news published on ILHAM-EC website: 

Start of the new Master in Sustainable Land Management

The Joint Master in SLM started at Cairo and Alexandria Universities on September 29th, 2018. The master is addressed to 20 students belonging to each ILHAM-EC partner University (Zagazig, Damanhour, Cairo and Alexandria) and consists of about 1.500 hours composed by: distance learning, frontal lessons, webinars, individual study and an internship period of 3 months in Italy at NRD-University of Sassari to facilitate the internationalization of the Master. In the first semester, the selected students attended five different lectures: Biostatistical Analysis and English Language for Researcher and Proposal writing on Saturdays; and GIS and Spatial Analysis, Advanced Land Degradation and Agroecosystem on Wednesday.