Newsletter 2017_02

1. Activities from May to July 2017

Special Mobility Strand of the Egyptian professors in Leeds and Thessaloniki 22-27 May 2017

The staff from the Egyptian Universities (Cairo, Alexandria, Damanhour and Zagazig) spent five days at the University of Leeds and at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The participants in the Mobility Strand undertook different training about concepts, methods and approaches of the Economics of Land Degradation, Sustainable Land Use Planning and Water Resources Management. With the view to providing ideas and materials that can be incorporated into module design in the masters’ programme in Egypt. The activities included workshops, lectures, field visits, computer-based practical lessons, trips as well as group work and discussions. 

  Special Mobility Strand in Leeds


  Special Mobility Strand in Thessaloniki

Active training started! Online courses now available!

The 23rd of May two new courses were released and available on ILHAM-EC website: Advanced spectroscopy analysis for SLM and Land Use Planning in sustainable development

Special Mobility Strand in Sassari 12-17 June 

Ten teachers of the Egyptian Partner Universities spent five days at the University of Sassari. They attended different training about the use of Moodle platform, the adaptation to climate change, together with the visits to the university headquarters, technological transfer office and to Arborea district. 

  Special Mobility Strand in Sassari

The 16 June was the World Day of Desertification and in Sassari took place the Rasgioni drought court, one of the Egyptian teacher, Manal Fawzy shared about the approaches that Egypt is using, in order to face this problem.

  "La Rasgioni drought court"

- (Manal Fawzy in Rasgioni's event) 

Steering Committee Meeting on 19th June in Rome

The Steering Committee Meeting was held at the Headquarters of the Union of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED) in Rome for discussing some crucial issues such as the state of the art of the design and installation of workstations; the training of teacher, strengths and weaknesses. The partnership also designed the new work plan for the activities scheduled for 2017 such as the Business plan for the high-quality Master on SLM and the first dissemination conference by Dr Marco di Donato -UNIMED-; the educational game by Dr Massimo Cuomo -ACS-. A roundtable among partners was organized, in order to discuss students’ recruitment and the promotion procedures that each University will follow in order to promote the Master among the students. Regarding the risks related to the approval, local HEIs were asked about the final date for Master starting and to push for the approval towards local Ministry of Higher Education. 

Scientific Group Meeting in Alexandria on the 22nd July

The Scientific Group Meeting was hosted by Alexandria University. It saw the participation of representatives of the four Egyptian Partner Universities: Prof. Maher Saleh, Prof. Esawy El-Zahaby, Prof. Mohamed Bahnassy, Prof. Fawzy Kishk, Dr. Ahmed Gad, Prof. Abdou Saoud, Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Mawgood, Prof. Ahmed El-Korany, Prof. A.M. Abdel-Hady, Prof. Mahmoud Sitohy, Prof. Hassan Seliha and Prof. Bassem Ashour.  The meeting aimed to define different points, such as: the progress of  the Bylaws approval at the Four Universities; setting up the criteria for selecting the students to be enrolled in the SLM master; the publicity of the SLM Master; the distribution of the teachers on the first year courses ; the WEBINARS’ topics, the equipments specifications and the financial aspects and the budget. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Fawzy Kishk, who stressed the need to speed up the approval process at the four universities. Additionally, prof. Bassem Ashour reminded the importance of properly disseminate SLM master in each one of participant universities and all participants agreed to hold an open day for SLM at their respective institutions by the end of August. One of the most important achievements of the meeting was the definition of distribution of teachers over the 1st year courses and the number of days allocated to each teacher.