Newsletter 2017_01

1. Activities from January to May

ILHAM-EC Monitoring Visit 9th January 2017 

As part of the Agency on-going monitoring of Erasmus+ CBHE projects, a field monitoring visit to the ILHAM-EC project ‘Interuniversity learning in Higher Education on Advanced land management-Egyptian Country’ took place on 09/01/2017. It was carried out by the National Erasmus+ Office in Egypt represented by Dr. Doaa Samy. The visit was held at Alexandria University, where the monitoring team could also have a Skype video call with Prof. Luciano Gutierrez, the Coordinator of the project, and met representatives from the other partner Universities: Zagazig, Damanhour and Cairo. The evaluations regarded the activities carried out in the project and in particular: 

  • The scientific/technical and educational activities of the project, which are taking place with no delays; 
  • The team is sharing the previous experiences within the partnership; 
  • The distribution of roles between partners is balanced; 
  • The European and no EU partners work with a team spirit;
  •  The deliverables of the first year are available;
  •  The implementation of the project seems to be running smoothly at the Alexandria University; 
  • Project management is efficient and financial management is running efficiently as well; 
  • The project objectives and expected outputs fit well with the Egyptian partners as there is a demonstrated need for such a project. 
Specific recommendations were made concerning the Master location and leadership; the ILHAM-EC coordinator, Prof. Luciano Gutierrez assured the maximum availability in following Agency’s recommendation regarding the future implementation of the project. 

Active training started! Online courses are now available! 

New learning materials have been developed by EU HEI partners on the use of multidisciplinary approaches and advanced technologies in the management of land resources. The goal of each module is to upgrade the skills of Egyptian teachers, with the most innovative technological and methodological background on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) and to provide them with the necessary knowledge required to teach the same topic in the new pilot Master program. All material, which will be reviewed by external experts and evaluated by the Egyptian HEI partners during their training. The same material will be then used and taught in the new accredited Master and will be made freely accessible through the use of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-4.0 International License. 

In order to visit Project courses, please follow the link below: 

Alexandria Dissemination Conference 19-22 April

The ILHAM-EC project was presented during the “8th Environmental Forum of Alexandria University” from 19 to 22 April 2017. The Forum was organized at the Alexandria University Department of Community Service and Environment Development, in cooperation with the Ministry of State for Environmental Affair. 

The forum has been entitled "Sustainable green cities" and was attended by university deputies, faculty deans, managers of many companies and governmental authorities. The ILHAM-EC project was presented thanks to a poster which was showed to all participants during the event. 

100 Tour of Italy, 3rd May in Alghero 

The Desertification Research Center (NRD), presented the ILHAM-EC project in the framework of “Uniss al 100° Giro d'Italia”. 

Please find herewith attached the link in Italian: