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Newsletter 2016 - 04


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Book: Newsletter 2016 - 04
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Date: Saturday, 21 May 2022, 4:57 PM

November 2016 - Participatory Workshop

In the framework of the ILHAM-EC project, coordinated by NRD-UNISS in partnership with University of Cairo, University of Alexandria, University of Zagazig, University of Damanhour (Egypt), UNIMED, ACS (ITALY), University of Leeds (UK) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (EL), a participatory workshop was held in Cairo, Egypt, on November 29th – 30th, 2017.

The workshop aimed at highlighting strategies and methodologies to improve teaching and learning processes. Teaching methods quality was enhanced by sharing best practices and approaches among all the involved partners.: It was an exchange of experiences where traditional learning methodologies and innovative ones were compared. As a result, a guideline on best practices in teaching will be shared among partners. The best practices will be then used by European teachers within the 10 digital technical modules that will be uploaded on the e-learning platform. The modules will provide Egyptian teachers with the necessary knowledge to allow them to teach the same topic in the new Pilot Master program. In addition, the information provided in each module will be used by Advanced Computer System’s technicians for the creation of the educational game whose content and logical frameworks will be provided by teachers.

A total of 50 participants attended the two-day activity including 37 Egyptian teachers, 9 European teachers and 3 experts. All the resources presented during the workshop were shared and uploaded on, as well as all the photos and materials. 

Please find here the link to the participatory workshop Agenda and to the presentations showed during the 2 days activities.

November 2016. Scientific Group Meeting at Cairo University to finalize the structure of the Master

A coordination Meeting was organized on November 28th in Cairo to define goals, objectives and structure of the new high quality Master on Sustainable Land Management and discuss project activities development for the following months. 

Three scientific members from each local University and two representatives from each European HEIs participated in the event. Meeting decisions were basically related to objectives and structure of the Sustainable Land Management Master.

Particular attention was given to Master contents in order to finalize it. All partners agreed on the final structure of the Master course consisting of 2 years, one foundation and one specialization for a total of 120 ECTS credits. As seminars are mandatory in Egypt, they have been included in the proposal. 

With reference to the accreditation procedure, all the scientific degrees should be accredited by the Agricultural Education Sector of the Supreme Council of Universities (AESC-SCU). The curricula has to be submitted both in English and in Arabic. 

 The participants agreed that a declaration stating the decisions taken during the meeting will be submitted to the Presidents of the 4 Egyptian Universities. The following steps will be to develop the course specs by the teachers of each Egyptian universities and start the accreditation and tendering procedures.

November 2016. ILHAM-EC project presentation at the Erasmus+ Information Day in Cairo

In November 2016, the ILHAM-EC project was presented by Prof. Bassem Ashour, Zagazig University, at the Erasmus+ Information Day in Cairo, organized by the National Office.