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Needs Assessment ILHAM-EC
di Luciano Gutierrez - lunedì, 22 agosto 2016, 10:36

The survey reports an analysis on the Needs Assessment of the Universities of Cairo, Alexandria, Zagazig and Damanhour. The study has been carried out under the framework of the ILHAM-EC (InterUniversity Learning in Higher education on Advanced Land Management- Egypt Country) project financed by the European Union under the program Erasmus+ KA2 - Capacity Building in Higher Education.

For this purpose, we have carried out first an assessment of the curriculum of each university on SLM and, secondly, an analysis of the students and teachers’ perception of the educational quality currently provided by the university system. In many cases, the same questions were asked to students and teachers to highlight the possible different reactions of these important target groups. Their perceptions have been then completed by those of the employers with the aim of analyzing whether the skills acquired by graduated students meet the minimum requirements to access the labor market.

The survey provides relevant information to support the development of a new Master Course on SLM. It emerges the importance to implement a Master based on innovative learning methods aiming at improving the quality of teaching and learning while ensuring high quality educational curricula. This approach is considered the most appropriate to meet the professional, employer and socio-economic needs of Egypt. Furthermore, as follow up of the survey, significant new initiatives must be implemented, such as cross-disciplinary courses, students and teachers’ mobility, seminars, courses and traineeships organized by international Institutions that work in SLM.