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The Zagazig University announces a new Master on Sustainable Land Management (SLM)
di Marco Di Donato - lunedì, 20 novembre 2017, 13:54
The Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig University, announces the opening of the new Masters program (Sustainable Land Management) within the framework of the European Unionfunded project ( Erasmus+) entitled "Interuniversity Learning in Higher Education on Advanced land Management - Egyptian Country/ ILHAM-EC . With the partnership of 5 European partners (Sassari University, Italy- Leeds University, UK- Aristotle University of Thessalonik, Greece- Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED) ,Rome - Advanced Computer System ( A.C.S. S.p.A) , Rome) .

The Master's Program is a joint and unified program between four Egyptian universities: Cairo, Alexandria, Zagazig, Damanhour, adopting the European ECTS system, and is applied within the framework of bylaws of the Faculty of Agriculture

The program aims at establishing and consolidating the foundations of sustainable land management in a comprehensive and integrated manner between the different fields of agricultural production based on a thorough study of the needs of the community and the market at all levels, local and regional, in order to implement this concept, which ensures the sustainability of the various land, water , food  and environmental resources to meet the needs of current and future generations.

The application is open to the graduates of the Faculties of Agriculture from different Agricultural disciplines. Admission criteria will be based on: Graduation novelty-  Graduation grade - Proficiency in English. Initial application is made to the program coordination committee at the Dean office , Faculty of Agriculture Zagazig University . The deadline for submission of the initial applications is December 14, 2017, where the interviews will be held later in the period 17-22 December 2017. The selected students will complete their documents and officially submit them to the administration of the Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Agriculture Zagazig University during January 2018.

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