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    Second Steering Committee Meeting

    Rome, Italy, 19-20 June 2017

     Venue:            Union of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED) Vittorio Emanuele II, 244 00186 Roma

     Official language: English


    Chair: Prof. Luciano Gutierrez, Coordinator of the ILHAM-EC project

    09.30 – 09:40

    Welcome message from UNIMED


    09.40 – 10.00

    Opening speech and presentation of current project situation: strong and weak points, issues to be addressed

    Prof. Luciano Gutierrez (Project Coordinator, NRD-UNISS)


    10.00 – 11:00




    11.00 – 11.15

    11.15 – 13.30

    Presentation of the following key issues:

     -     Quality Evaluation report: DrFilippo Sartor – Quality Evaluation expert

    -       Curriculum Development: Accreditation procedure (Prof. Mohamed Bahnassy – University of Alexandria)

    Coffee break

    Discussion among the partnership about the following points:

    -        Design and Installation of work stations and equipment: state of the art;

    -        Training of teachers (active learning and mobility strand): strengths and weaknesses.

    New work plan – activities planned in 2017:

    -          Business plan for the high quality Master on SLM: Dr Marco di  Donato (UNIMED);

    -          Educational Game: Dr. Massimo Cuomo (ACS);

    -          Students’ recruitment: procedures to be followed by each University: roundtable.


    13:30 – 14:30



    14.30 – 16.00

    -        Seminars to be provided by European Universities; and online courses to be delivered by Egyptian teachers: roundtable;

    -        Dissemination and exploitation: first project conference and other events: roundtable.



    Difficulties and critical issues that might occur or have occurred during the implementation of the actions envisaged by the project: they should be clearly stated and possible proposals that help to overcome proposed. 


    16:00 – 16:15

    Final remarks and conclusion

    During the day, Filippo Sartor will carry out some interviews to be included in the quality evaluation report. Please, be collaborative

    20 June 2017: 2nd Day

    09.30 – 10.30

    Budget reshuffling related to the implementation of the Master on SLM in 2 locations: NRD-UNISS 

    10:30 – 10.45

    Coffee break 

    10.45 – 13.00

    Open/shared/participated discussion among partners on updated work plans (July-December 2017): define milestones, assessment deadlines and constraints that may affect the progress of project activities planned in 2017


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